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Nagios Monitor SQL Server Space Usage


I received a space notification at 16:36 and ignored it due to being occupied by other task.
Nagios Notification
The next morning, the critical situation was still not resolved.
After checking the backup records in system log,
I was sure txn log backup was performed every 2 hours.
OK.....mmmmmm.....I thought I knew what happened.
In my experience, you could not find any issued session with whoisactive tool.
Lets try "dbcc opentran"
Here was the output :
dbcc opentran
See.....session id 56 was the root cause.
I had to know which login owned the session.
Therefore, check the exec DMV
Oh....belonged to AP
Mail to their leader for a killing session request.
After their negotiations, I got the permission.
kill session
The log space returned after NBU finishing its 10:00 backup job.
That's my story!!